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Who We Are

Moorgate Partners are a London based consultancy, specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions deal origination. If you are interested in selling your business, or buying other businesses, we can assist you. Moorgate Partners Ltd works with a range of companies actively participating in M&A. We understand which industries and sectors are M&A intensive and are constantly searching within those markets.

We work on behalf of companies who have assembled more than £2bn overall in acquisition funds for the year 2019. The diversity of our partners across multiple industries enables us to negotiate the best possible terms regarding the deals we originate for our clients. Our committed team of M&A brokers is researching the market and contacting new companies on a day-to-day basis.

Central European Subsidiary

Since 2017 we also operate from our subsidiary office in Zagreb, Croatia. Croatia and it's capital were strategically chosen for It's geographical and political position which gives us the ability to participate actively in central EU markets. Zagreb is placed between western and eastern europe which gives us an opportunity to scan and research the upcoming markets in the region.


One of multiple reason for choosing Zagreb is its long tradition of higher education, and availability of high class educational institutes such as American business school, Rochester Institute of Technology from where we successfully sign the majority of our analysts and investment managers.


Global Reach

Moorgate Partners has established a relationship with private equities, VC's, brokers, analysts and entrepreneurs across the global market, with high activity in UK, US and the EU, also covering the Asian region. We understand that global reach and establishing long lasting relationships is an integral part of our process in delivering the best M&A services and mulitple investment options for our clients and partners.

To ensure finding the best solutions in the fast and dynamic M&A market, we have developed a global network of analysts to follow market trends and industry happenings first hand, passing this information onto our teams of investment managers to be processed and updated accordingly.


Our global reach procees gives our clients the opportunity to extend their focus on other international markets and explore new possibilities available to them, through our already existing global network of partners.


Global reach UK, US, EU and Asia Major private equity partners and leading industry investors Leading venture capitals and angel investors Over 2 billion for aquisitions in 2019 Over 1 billion for investment in 2019 Big data analysis with market research



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Our global activity on the M&A market resulted in a strong relationship with a number of private equities across UK, USA and EU, as well as serious strategic aquirers who can help in your exit strategy or growth for your company.


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Our direct approach and bespoke service results with the confidence of high profiled entrepeneurs with whom we have established a firm relationship to assist them with an exit strategy or finding the right partner.


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Our team of investment managers work closely with venture capitals, angel investors, and other private investors, who we help connect to new, innovative, young businesses, looking to accelarate the development of their company.

Exit strategy or grow through sale

Whether you are interested in an exit to your business, or expansion through acquisition, our team and extensive network of partners will apply meticulous research and assist with every step of the process. Working across multiple industry sectors, we understand that each industry and each client has unique desires. Here at Moorgate Partners we understand this requirement, and strive to deliver bespoke solutions, wheather you are looking for an exit strategy, or to further grow your company.

Key Topics

How To Sell My Business?

Making the decision to sell your business takes some careful thought. Even if selling eventually was your intention all along, choosing the right time to do it and selecting the right buyer isn't easy. Making sure that you have the right support from an advisor can help you to carry out the process more smoothly. It's vital to follow the correct steps if you want to get the best deal from selling your business,and Moorgate Partners can help you to make sure you get it right. Our London based consultants have a vast wealth of experience and in-house calculator tools to work out the best valuation and deals for businesses like yours.

Create an Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is essential for any business owner. Although you might start to think about it not long before you want to sell, it's never too early to think about how and when you're going to move on from your business. A good exit strategy should map out not only when you will sell the company, but how to set it up to survive without you.

Undertake Due Diligence

Due diligence is a crucial part of selling your business. This is the process by which you check that your company is in good condition and that you declare any issues that might be present. Due diligence can require combing over accounts, examining sales records and using IT specialists. All essential information about your business needs to be presented clearly for potential buyers to see so that they can make a smart decision based on an accurate valuation.

How Much Can I Sell My Business For?

Do you know how much your business is worth? Putting a number on it isn't as simple as guessing what you think you should get for it using a calculator. Valuation requires a close look at your finances, reputation and brand to work out how much it could be worth. It takes more than the numbers concerning sales and earnings. You also need to consider factors such as the strength of the company's management and recurring income. We have assisted in the sale and acquisition of many companies in London and around the UK and can provide you with the best advice possible for the sale of your enterprise.

Negotiate a Good Deal

Negotiating with potential buyers can be pretty frightening. You're worried that you won't get a good deal, or you could let the buyer get the upper hand. Before even beginning negotiations, you should make sure to research your potential buyer as much as you can. You want to make sure that you choose the right buyer and that it's someone you can trust with your company. A positive deal needs to work out for both of you, so it's important to make sure that you're in a good position.

Get the Support You Need

A lot of work goes into selling a business. Moorgate Partners is a London based consultancy that can help you to sell your company, whether in London, or anywhere else across the UK. It doesn't have to be so difficult when you have professional, expert advice and assistance available. Our team members are entrepreneurs who are experienced with selling companies and know how to help you get the best deal. Call us now on London (0) 208 004 8239 to find out how to get the best valuation for your company.

Why choose us



  • We are relentless and pro-active in our drive to give the best outcome. It’s not enough to complete a deal, it needs to be the right deal.




  • Every action we take is geared towards being a company that you would recommend without hesitation.




  • Every client receives one board level point of contact. Our board meet regularly to ensure that every single client is getting the best possible service.