Alex Perry

Alex is our CEO, and director of three companies spanning M&A, Research and Executive Search. He has previously founded and sold Leverage Partnership, an executive search business in the Oil and Gas industry. He is a natural communicator, who has established a network of contacts across a vast number of industries over the last decade as CEO of numerous companies.

Nik Simic
Senior Analyst

Nik is our Senior Analyst who is responsible for vital operational segments of Moorgate Partners. He grew up in Sydney but completed his IT education at Rochester Institute of Technology and has since moved back to Europe. He has been a key figure in the analytical set up and Big Data tracking which is vital to our operations. He is a dependable and creative individual who finds practical solutions to obstacles put in his path.

Petros Koufolampros
Senior Manager

Petros is part of our investment team, he is a very experienced research analyst with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. Skilled in Analytics, Management, communication and a great team member. Strong research professional with a Master of Science (MSc) from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He comes to Moorgate having previously collaborated with CEO, Alex Perry on numerous successful projects.