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In the process of selling a company or allocating investments, Moorgate Partners will follow the usual procedures in the M&A and investment industry but carefully pay attention to the wishes and goals of our client. Not every deal is the right deal, and we understand that. Often in our daily communication with our clients and partners, we discuss their ideas and try to lead them to the final point in achieving a deal that meets their right criteria.

Our vast personal experience of selling companies gives us a chance to understand both the emotional and professional side of selling a company. Moorgate Partners will follow the market rules taking every step with maximum attention to negotiating the best possible deal.

Selling a company usually take between 6 to 12 months in which the seller needs to be lead through 10 major steps:
- Defining Potential Options and Exit Strategies
- Determining a Valuation Range For The Company
- Pre-Marketing Value Enhancement
- Information Gathering, Data Collection, and Presentation
- Marketing Materials Preparation
- Buyer Research and Buyer Outreach Strategy
- Qualification of Potential Buyers
- Negotiation Process
- Transaction Structure
- IOIs, LOIs, and Purchase Agreements and Closing

Moorgate Partners will provide special emphasis and additional services on some of the points above such as Marketing Materials Preparation, where we will inform you what information is necessary to be provided so that we may attract the right buyer. Also we will help to design and combine suitable Information memorandums to match the criteria of the industry and give the buyer an easy insight into the company, resulting in a quicker decision.

Moorgate Partners will assist in the most important parts of the process such as Qualification of Potential Buyers; any potential buyers that express interest in a business will not be qualified to purchase the company. These companies are referred to as tire-kickers. Moorgate Partners will know the right questions and have enough market intelligence and expertise to eliminate these buyers out and pre-qualify the right potential acquirers before the tire-kickers impact the CEO or management team's time and attention. This isn't a particularly complex or time-intensive step, but if it isn't done, the CEO will waste a lot of time and effort speaking with unqualified buyers and increasing the confidentiality risk of the entire process.

Moorgate Partners understand that the most important part of the process is Buyer Research and Buyer Outreach Strategy. While large multi-billion dollar companies often have only a handful of relevant and sufficiently capitalized potential acquirers, lower middle market companies (this generally refers to businesses whose value ranges generally between $10M and $250M) often have an enormous number of potential buyers. Some of these potential buyers are known to the business owner, some might be known by the advisor, but no one's rolodex is usually broad enough to know every potential buyer.

This means that the advisor and the business owner must have tools and resources to research and access the largest and most qualified data set of relevant buyers. Databases and tools of varying qualities exist out there, but there is no silver bullet. This research process should be exhaustive, not rushed. The advisor should review competitors, customers, strategic buyers, private equity firms with relevant expertise, and other sources of highly suitable capital and partnership. This is one of the most time-intensive elements of the process but it often determines the overall success of the sale process. If you don't approach the best buyers, how can you get the best outcome?

Joint Venture

While there is a wide variety of Joint Venture which can be fit to accomodate companies of all sizes, at Moorgate Partners we will focus specifically on how JV’s can be especially advantageous for small to medium sized businesses when it comes to consolidating and enhancing growth which leads to achieving a higher valuation and attracting better offers from investors. Along with the potential many joint ventures provide, there are details that need to be considered before a joint venture is pursued.

Due diligence, legality issues, the results of potential financial valuations and cultural differences should all evaluated before businesses enter into joint ventures. Synergie between companies should also exsist along with similar target goals. Moorgate Partners will assist through the process, by searching for and locating right partners for JV, leading with our knowledge and understanding of M&A markets, a JV, in this case, is implemented in regards to creating a more desirable package for Investors/buyers.

Often JV are a solution for smaller businesses to achieve an attractive exit strategy. Joint ventures are not necessarily permanent business structures. They can be dissolved under the following circumstances:

• The overall goal for establishing the JV has been met
• The JV is not capable of meeting the overall goal of the partnership
• The partners have developed new goals or desired outcomes that are no longer consistent with the original plan.

• The agreed upon time frame for the JV has ended
• Legal or financial issues for one or more partners
• A change in market conditions that makes the JV irrelevant or impossible to pursue
• One of the members has been acquired, rendering the initial JV contract null and void

If you are thinking of attracting Investors or looking for a positive exit strategy through JV we could help in finding the right partner following with the process of putting your business on the market for finding Investors/Buyers as well as negotiating a deal.

Information Memorandum

Moorgate Partners will assist to provide information memorandum where we will inform you what materials are necessary to be provided. We will help to design and combine suitable Information memorandums to match the criteria of the industry and give the buyer an easy insight into the company, resulting in a quicker decision.

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